Monthly Archive: August, 2013

Cooking with Leaves

Cooking with flowers is becoming ever more popular. Salads are dotted with orange bursts of nasturtiums and pansies, ice creams are laced with lavender, and the most recent Great British Bake Off episode… Read More

Le Coq: Rotisserie Chicken on St Paul’s Road

St Paul’s Road is an odd part of town. It’s feels far away from chichi Upper Street and the tended-precision of Canonbury Square. Once a Blairite hot-bed, paint now peels off the dirty-magnolia… Read More

Hidden Gems

As a blogger you get sent some extraordinary press releases. Recently lots of them have been tenuously linked to the Duchess of Cambridge. I’ve been sent ‘recipes for a right royal baby shower’,… Read More

Baked Nectarines

That’s a photograph of me on holiday in Portugal. I’ve just discovered nectarines, and the look says it all. ‘Please don’t take it away’, my eyes plead, as my fingers dig into the… Read More

The Glorious Twelfth

“The Lyttelton restaurant will receive their grouse delivery from the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of the morning, delivered by a convoy of Land Rovers” - so read a press release for… Read More

Individual Summer Puddings

If you only read one other article today, please make it this post by A Girl Called Jack. It was typed into an old Nokia phone back in July 2012, when Jack hit… Read More

Pheasant Basquaise

A gamekeeper from Navarre Couldn’t get the birds in the air People came to shoot And it was such a hoot Because the pheasants just sat and stared. I wasn’t sure whether there… Read More

Greengage Ripple Ice Cream

The French call them Reine-Claude. The Turks call them Erik. The Brits call them Greengages…. However you want to address these little green plums, their taste is as lovely as their title. Tart… Read More


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