The Hundred Foot Journey: Silver Screen Cuisine

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I’m not a crier. But I didn’t last more than 15 minutes into The One Hundred Foot Journey. The film is about the Kadam family, whose Mumbai restaurant is desecrated by political riots. They flee to England and find temporary residence in a new-build under the Heathrow flight path. But it’s a far cry from the food and love filled family courtyard back in India. They quickly conclude that, in England “the vegetables have no soul,” so pile into a van and set off to Europe in search of a better life. And better vegetables.


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The Annual Marmalade Breakfast

It’s a spring morning, and light is flooding The Gallery Restaurant at Fortnum & Mason. The royal grocers is yet to open, and there’s just a gentle murmur amongst the guests who have gathered for breakfast. Chilled champagne, steaming coffee, an impeccably-set table. It’s the epitome of a sophisticated, British breakfast.

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Reader’s Digest: April food & drink pages

Swallows, turtle doves and house martins are returning from their migration. Bracken fronds are uncurling and primroses are spattering gardens with colour. But my favourite celebration of spring happens in the kitchen, when fresh greens become available once again: watercress, lettuces, purple sprouting broccoli … and asparagus.


Reader’s Digest: March Food & Drink Pages

People often think of mussels in terms of France’s classic dish, moules-frites. But mussels have been cultivated in British waters for hundreds of years – seven million tons of them are farmed in Scotland alone. So it makes sense to showcase them alongside some more of Britain’s best produce: cider, bacon, sage and English mustard.

Austrian Wine Map illustration

Austrian Wine Tasting 2015

Schnitzel, apfelstrudel and sweet knödel. Dishes of my childhood, thanks to family recipes harking back to Austro-Hungary. My maternal grandmother was born in Roudnice, a town on the left bank of the Elbe.