There’s a Danish Town Overrun with Giant Oysters

rachel walker oyster safari

First published in Vice [hence the swear words subbed in, apologies!]

Ribe, the small Danish town on the Jutland peninsula, is like a picturesque manifestation of all the European towns you see in films like In Bruges, Chocolat and Hot Fuzz. But for all its pretty cobbled streets and chocolate box houses, Ribe is rife with peculiarities…. 

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rodnik egg dress


Food has never been more fashionable. Just look at Chanel’s supermarket-themed catwalk at Paris Fashion Week, or Moschino’s Autumn-Winter 2014 collection, which takes inspiration from popcorn and sweeties and McDonalds.

hugo de la rosa oyster shucking

Tabasco British Oyster Opening Championship 2014

It’s a Monday afternoon in early September and a small crowd of professional oyster shuckers are gathered at Holborn Dining Room in London for the annual Tabasco British Oyster Opening Championship. Tension is in the air as they prepare to go head to head, competing for the coveted title of Britain’s best shucker.

goats cheese blackberry tartlet3

Blackberry and Goats Cheese Tartlets

Pudding then cheese? Cheese then pudding? Quelle dilemma! Do you stick with British tradition, and follow dessert with a nubbin of stilton and a mouthful of port? Or do you follow our French neighbours who, despite just being 21 miles across The Channel, dine in a different order?

Proper Beans

Gourmet baked beans: a ‘gastronomisation’ too far?

You can get posh versions of everything from scotch eggs to marshmallow – and now you can buy a fancy version of the Heinz classic at Fortnum & Mason, for almost a fiver. Does gourmet always taste better? First published in The Guardian