“It does what it says on the tin” – so the saying goes. But it’s amazing how a bit of lateral thinking can take this to a whole new level. From pantone beer packaging to spreadable butter which comes with an inbuilt knife, this week’s Pot Luck is all about food packaging with a pretty cool twist.

food packaging


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Striding Man Johnnie Walker

Symphony In Blue

If I’m being completely honest, my immediate thoughts on being invited to an “immersive evening” to celebrate 200 years of Johnnie Walker whisky weren’t entirely positive. “Immersive” feels similar to “interactive theatre”. And “interactive theatre” reminds me of a night at a run-down Islington theatre, where Thomas was dragged on stage and asked to “tell… 

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featured image tincan

Tincan London

[First published in Fish on Friday. To read more about my Tincan experience, see this article in Munchies.] Last week, a new restaurant launched in London’s Soho: Tincan. A restaurant selling only tinned seafood. No kitchen, no chef – just waiters to lift a pricy pilchard from its tin, and take it to the table. 

tomato crewl kit william sonoma

Friday Pot Luck|Week 8

Craft is cooler than ever. The other week, I came across new website Brit + Co – an American craft collective, which recently received $6.3 million backing. From DIY Pinata to How to Turn Your Pumpkins into a Stack-O-Lantern to 10 Ways to Repurpose Cake Pans. It makes me feel twelve years old again, with… 

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The Natural Cook: Eating The Seasons From Root To Fruit

The concept of writing a cookbook centred round leftovers is a tricky one. Largely because everyone amasses different leftovers in different ways.