Plum Compote and Rice Pudding

Victoria Plums

Apparently it’s a bumper year for plums. Living on the fourth floor of a flat in Bethnal Green, I’m somewhat distanced from it all. But I’ve heard that there is a frenzy sweeping the countryside.

People with plum trees are all a-panic. They can’t pick the plums quickly enough. Ripe fruit is dropping from heaving branches, lying bruised on the ground and demanding to be cooked immediately. But these poor plum tree owners are too distracted trying to pick the fruit so it escapes injury, to have the time to cook it all…. 

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kelly kettle featured image

Kelly Kettle

I love camping. I also love tea first thing in the morning. So much so, there’s a four minute window between me first opening my eyes, and me needing to know that a cup of tea is going to materialise pronto, before I start to get antsy.


Sloe Whisky

The very word ‘sloe’ is synonymous with ‘sloe gin’ or ‘sloe vodka’. Not so much ‘sloe whisky’ though…which is a real pity. Now don’t get me wrong. I love gin, and vodka. But both have a very dry, sharp taste which works wonderfully with the acidity of a lemon or a lime, or the bitterness of tonic.


Billingsgate Market

First published at It’s a grizzly Tuesday morning when I find myself in a taxi winding through London’s East End, toward Billingsgate Market. Past Rum Close, Narrow Street, Butcher Row and all the other avenues whose names hint at the rich history of this part of London’s Docklands.

potato salad

Pesto and pea potato salad

When I was doing restaurant shifts last summer, one of the things that most enthralled me most was the making of salad dressings. They’d use industrial stick blenders, which resembled jackhammers, and pour oil over brood’s-worth of egg yolks until everything emulsified into a thick, glossy dressing.