Pesto and pea potato salad

potato salad

When I was doing restaurant shifts last summer, one of the things that most enthralled me most was the making of salad dressings. They’d use industrial stick blenders, which resembled jackhammers, and pour oil over brood’s-worth of egg yolks until everything emulsified into a thick, glossy dressing…. 

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680 beard plate

Friday Pot Luck| Week #5

It was only a few months ago that Thomas and I found ourselves in John Lewis, having a genuine conversation about an ‘Asiatic Pheasant‘ dinner service. Terrifying. Thankfully, we quickly realised what was happening, and went to the pub instead.

st john wilderness festival

St John Banquet at Wilderness Festival

When Thomas and I got married earlier this year, my brother voiced two fears. Firstly that we’d suddenly become really middle-aged. And secondly, that we’d become really comfortable with each other, and contentedly flabby.

ice cube tray1 680

Really Nice Ice

Bartenders are a very exacting breed. The precision of their measurements and perfect execution of a cocktail is the polar-opposite to my ‘chuck it all in’ style cooking. But having worked at cocktail magazine, Diffordsguide, for a year, one thing did rub off on me: a mild neurosis about ice cubes.

680x450 banana cat

Friday Pot Luck| Week #4

I apologise to anyone who was hoping for anything remotely useful in this Friday’s Pot Luck – what can I say – it’s been a long week. So I bring you food-inspired fancy dress for pets. Surely, the only (and I really mean the only) thing better than gazing into the eyes of a pug,… 

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