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Denmark, Pigs and Cauliflower Cheese

“Denmark is literally filled with pigs” a friend told me in the pub a couple of weeks ago, just before I set off on holiday. “Seriously, you can hardly move for the pigs”… Read More

Celebrating Bacon with Cowboy Beans

You asked for my take on the great joys of life. The taste of crisp bacon. The love of my wife. Often that order could be reversed, but some days, the taste of… Read More

Budget food

Budget eating is big. There are entire blogs devoted to feeding yourself on a shoestring. And today I’m going to join in, because I came up with quite a good wheeze involving the… Read More

Why I love Sundays

Sundays are for lying about, listening to Desert Island Discs, drinking excessive amounts of tea…and bacon sandwiches. Thanks Emmett’s for making my Sunday.

Mac ‘n cheese: the ultimate comfort food

When it comes to nasty things lurking in the fridge, a gnarldy piece of cheese ranks highly. Everyone’s got one. An old lump of Cathederal City, a pongy bit of Castello Blue, or… Read More

Ode to the pork pie that never was

Now that a week has passed, I’m about ready to write about the tragedy that was my pork pie. It was an ambitious project…and I could have pulled it off. But I didn’t.… Read More

Shopping in the cheap aisle: Sunday Supper

Just a quick post to eulogize the wonders of discount-aisle shopping. On Sundays, the local Tesco’s shuts at 4:30. This poses a problem, because at 4:30 I’ve usually only just finished lunch, and… Read More

Using leftover egg yolks: Traditional Carbonara

Making macaroons (or meringues or pavlova) means one thing: lots of left over egg yolks. It is possible to freeze them. There’s a problem with that though – it means that at some… Read More

This is called The Food I Eat…and on Saturday mornings this is what I eat.

The most manly Salad out there: Turbo Salad

Right now, the Oxbridge boys preparing for the boat race will be knocking back 6,000 calories a day. If you think that’s a lot, then Michael Phelps regularly wolfs down 10,000 calories a… Read More