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Cooking Pheasants with The Jamie Oliver Team

“The sport might-a be expensive, but the game is cheap! Five-a pounds for a brace of pheasant, you can’t-a get a chicken for that!” shouts  Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, long-time mentor of Jamie… Read More

Stewed Squid with Tomatoes

Click here for the recipe It’s funny how memory works. One of my earliest memories was of the Kibworth fish van. We lived on the corner of Main Street in a little house… Read More

Dr Durkin makes a chicken, olive & PRESERVED LEMON tagine

On Thursday evening Natalie invited me round for supper. Just to keep you up to date, I shall from now onwards refer to her as Dr Durkin - firstly, because Dr Durkin is… Read More

Jamie Magazine: Massimo Restaurant & Oyster Bar

I never thought that I was that girl who got ludicrously excited about summer holidays. The sort of excitement where you lie out all your clothes on the bed a week before you… Read More

Using leftover egg yolks: Traditional Carbonara

Making macaroons (or meringues or pavlova) means one thing: lots of left over egg yolks. It is possible to freeze them. There’s a problem with that though – it means that at some… Read More