Friday Pot Luck|Week 8

Craft is cooler than ever. The other week, I came across new website Brit + Co - an American craft collective, which recently received $6.3 million backing. From DIY Pinata to How to Turn Your Pumpkins into a Stack-O-Lantern to 10 Ways to Repurpose Cake Pans. It makes me feel twelve years old again, with this overwhelming urge to whip out scissors and glue and make scrap books and papier mache vases and sock puppets. 

Anyway, I’m gearing up for a weekend in Bethnal Green. Two full days stretched ahead of me with nothing planned, apart from a kintsugi repair kit which is arriving in the post today (see above). So if you’re feeling crafty too, then hopefully this week’s pot luck will provide some inspiration.

From top left, clockwise

Watermelon nails in 4 simple steps, Wonder Forest
Barn The Spoon, spoon carving workshop, £120
Tomato Crewl Kit, William Sonoma, $24.99
Hand stamped clementine wallpaper, A Beautiful Mess
Kintsugi repair kit, Humade, €25
Grow your own mushroom kit, Fungi Futures, £14.95

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