“It does what it says on the tin” – so the saying goes. But it’s amazing how a bit of lateral thinking can take this to a whole new level. From pantone beer packaging to spreadable butter which comes with an inbuilt knife, this week’s Pot Luck is all about food packaging with a pretty cool twist.

From top left, clockwise

  • Designer Yeongkeun Jeong came up with this ingenious butter packaging solution, where the wooden lid doubles up as a knife to spread the butter.
  • Juicy Juice Boxes, designed by Preston Grubbs – they come with all the segments balled up like a whole orange. So clever.
  • Meat company, Rural RD, commissioned this design by Jim Bogenrief to help reconnect consumers with where meat comes from.
  • Spanish creative agency, Txaber, came up with the panatone beer design, where the packaging indicates the colour of the beer inside.
  • Daizi Zheng designed with this very cool celery packaging as part of a project, Stereotype, which also rebrands carrots, hummus and blueberries.
  • The Brooklyn Fare coffee takes a swipe at the Starbucks jargon – reminding consumers that “it’s a small, not a tall” and “it’s a medium, not a grande”.



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