Lambs liver on toast with tarragon

If you haven’t reassessed liver since those solid grey nubbins dinner ladies lumped onto piles of mash, then I urge you to do so. Pan-fried in foaming butter, and still blush-pink in the middle, it’s a totally different beast. Perhaps the best bit is the price though. These three slices (85g) came to 50p, which makes this 5-minute lunch taste even sweeter.

Lunch for 1
80g lambs liver
Splash of verjuice, white wine or dry sherry
Small pinch of Coleman’s mustard powder
Sprig of tarragon
1 slice of bread, toasted

Heat the butter in a frying pan, until it’s foaming.
Cook the liver on one side for 1-2 minutes, turn over and cook for another minute on the other side.
Remove the liver from the pan, and let it rest on a plate, and pop the bread in the toaster.
Meanwhile, deglaze the pan with the verjuice, white wine or dry sherry. Add the mustard powder and tarragon.
Butter the bread, put the liver on top, and then pour the jus over. This will, obviously, make the bread go soggy - which I’m not adverse to - if you are, then forget the sauce, and just garnish with a little tarragon.

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