Friday Pot Luck| Week #4

I apologise to anyone who was hoping for anything remotely useful in this Friday’s Pot Luck – what can I say – it’s been a long week. So I bring you food-inspired fancy dress for pets. Surely, the only (and I really mean the only) thing better than gazing into the eyes of a pug, is gazing into the eyes of a pug dressed as a baked potato…

(From top left, clockwise)

  • Lobster Dog – unknown origins, if you know where to get this costume, please leave a note below.
  • Banana Kitten – all you need is a small cat, an empty Bananagram case, and a bunch of bananas, so banana-cat can effortlessly blend in….
  • Chicken Noodle Poodles – this fancy dress shows a great deal of initiative. It’s entirely home made, explains owner Dolcelina, in Martha Stewart’s 2011 round-up of Pet Halloween Costumes: “I made their feathered chicken suits by hand, along with the extended little wings. This photo makes it difficult to see the little yellow-felt chicken-feet slippers that I made for their paws as well.”
  • Baked Potato Mouse – a budget alternative for those not lucky enough to have a pug.
  • Baked Pug-Tato – sourced from the brilliant Tumblr, Pugstumes, which contains lots more edible gems, such as Duck Pug and Banana Split Pug – and the odd literary gem, a particular favourite being Memoirs of a Geisha Pug. Too good.
  • Hot Dog Dog – the hot dog dog is a classic. It works particularly well with a genuine Dachshund, AKA Sausage Dog. Use foam bread – not a real bread roll – to prevent alarm, and take inspiration from this dog owner and go big on props.


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