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Friday Pot Luck| Week #5

It was only a few months ago that Thomas and I found ourselves in John Lewis, having a genuine conversation about an ‘Asiatic Pheasant‘ dinner service. Terrifying. Thankfully, we quickly realised what was happening, and went to the pub instead…. 

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St John Banquet at Wilderness Festival

When Thomas and I got married earlier this year, my brother voiced two fears. Firstly that we’d suddenly become really middle-aged. And secondly, that we’d become really comfortable with each other, and contentedly flabby.

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Really Nice Ice

Bartenders are a very exacting breed. The precision of their measurements and perfect execution of a cocktail is the polar-opposite to my ‘chuck it all in’ style cooking. But having worked at cocktail magazine, Diffordsguide, for a year, one thing did rub off on me: a mild neurosis about ice cubes…. 

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Friday Pot Luck| Week #4

I apologise to anyone who was hoping for anything remotely useful in this Friday’s Pot Luck – what can I say – it’s been a long week. So I bring you food-inspired fancy dress for pets. Surely, the only (and I really mean the only) thing better than gazing into the eyes of a pug, is gazing into the eyes of a pug dressed as a baked potato…… 

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