Last Easter Post: Blowing Geese Eggs

Easter is well and truly over. Lent fasts are up, supermarkets are flogging off 2 for 1 chocolate eggs, and it’s all about the Royal Wedding now.

If I were organised, (and if I didn’t have a job that kept me occupied from 8:30-6) then I definitely would have made and posted these blown eggs in the lead up to Easter…not the aftermath. Oh well - it’d be a shame not to post them due to bad timing, so let’s say that they’re part of the lead up to Easter 2012, and I am, in fact, being super organised.

Start off by making a hole in both ends of the egg. We were using geese eggs which were astonishingly hard, so we ended up slamming them down onto drawing pins…but with a normal chicken egg, a little stab with a safety pin should be ample!

Next, start blowing! Keep going until the egg has been drained of all the yokey goo, and you can hear the air passing through one hole and out of the other. Pour a little bit of warm water into the egg, and shake it about to clean the inside, and then leave it in the sun for a bit to dry.

Finally, paint your egg! As you can see, I made little bee (not a snitch.)

I tried to look up the history behind this very odd but very sweet tradition…but I couldn’t find anything. If you happened to know why we blow eggs at Easter, do let me know - I’d be really interested.


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