Mexican Birria

Before I discovered Diana Kennedy, I thought that Mexican cuisine was all nachos and tacos and barbecued ribs. Then I came across the expat-British food writer and I read The Essential Cuisines of Mexico and Oaxaca al Gusto, and it blew me away…. 

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Holi Schmoly! Not a Bombay Omelette…

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai

For those of you who thought that a Bombay Omelette was a little something that appears on the pavement outside Abacus on Friday morning, think again. Because, to honour the wonderfully paint-splattery Indian celebration that is Holi, I decided to make a spicy ‘Bombay Omelette’ for supper…. 

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Marathon Meatloaf

Tom and his three housemates are running the Bath Half Marathon along with 21 other friends who are all coming together to raise money for the lovely Alfie Fielden (seated, below)…. 

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