Akoori: Parsi Scrambled Eggs


A real weakness of mine is a spicy breakfast. There’s a rapidly-depleting pot of green chillies in my fridge at the moment, which get most action round 8:00am. Sometimes they go in a spicy omelette, sometimes in spice-scrambled tofu. Neither of these follow strict recipes, but the gist is combining any odds and ends lingering about with chillies and turmeric…. 

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Pork with garlic, chilli, coriander and lime

It’s hard to make pan-fried pork mince look good. But I think that’s its only downside. It’s so tasty, cheap and  you can pick up extra-lean packs, which make you feel pretty saintly.

Having said that, when I whooped “isn’t pork mince great?!” Thomas thought about it quite seriously, and replied “mm…well, it’s not in my top five types of meat.” But I know him well enough, and I recognised his expression of concentration, to know that he was struggling to rank ‘rib eye steak, leg of venison, fillet of beef…’ in his head…. 

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Holi Schmoly! Not a Bombay Omelette…

Celebrating Holi in Mumbai

For those of you who thought that a Bombay Omelette was a little something that appears on the pavement outside Abacus on Friday morning, think again. Because, to honour the wonderfully paint-splattery Indian celebration that is Holi, I decided to make a spicy ‘Bombay Omelette’ for supper…. 

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