Royal Mint’s Christmas Pudding

I was lucky enough to be approached by The Royal Mint to help them develop a recipe for ‘Stir Up Sunday’ – the final Sunday before advent, when families traditionally make their Christmas pudding.

It was for a campaign to remind people to put the sixpence in their puddings. The age-old tradition is supposed to bring good luck and riches to whoever finds it. So, if you’ve never made a Christmas pudding before, then make this year the year. Each member of the household needs to give the pudding a stir and makes a wish before the pudding goes in the basin. Then just cross your fingers and hope that the sixpence appears in your bowl on Christmas Day.

I made five of the final prototype puddings before the photo shoot with Scott Grummett. I couldn’t bear the pressure of pinning everything on a single pudding which might have crumbled under the pressure of the camera lens. But I can honestly report that each one turned out perfectly. I should add that the recipe is really scalable, so if you’re wondering what to take home for Christmas, then buy another pudding basin and make a couple.

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