The 200 Club | Bompas & Parr & ‘Bespoke Offer’s’ record-breaking supper

Blue: the theme for the afternoon course, which will include naturally tinted roots and skilfully prepared fish.

Early last week I cooked a three-course meal. I know, no big deal, right?

I usually stick to two courses though. I launch myself into the main course, and then put a pre-prepared pudding on the table. Minimum effort, maximum time to catch-up with friends. But last Tuesday night I pulled out all the stops. I served watercress and soda bread to start, then bavette with chimichurri, and finally a pavlova.

Ok, it doesn’t exactly deserve a Nobel prize, but three courses is definitely trickier than two. You actually have to think about timings. Then there’s that gap between starter and main course, where you try to make things as seamless as possible to avoid the Come Dine With Me hour-long lull between courses, when guests start dozing off at the table, or keeling over from hunger pangs.

Spare a thought then for Bompas & Parr who are creating the longest ever tasting menu: 200 courses over 24 hours. The duo who specialise in culinary experiences are running the event in conjunction with Bespoke Offers.

Dubbed ‘The Two Hundred Club,’ the event will take place at The Factory on The Tanner Street, in Bermondsey on 3-4 September – and will  feature contributions from top chefs, including Nopi’s Ramael Scully, and Angelo Sato from Story on Tooley Street.

Some of Bompas & Parr’s previous projects

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to try frog’s legs and sweetcorn porridge puree at Bompas & Parr’s boating lake on Selfridge’s roof, I’ve marvelled their ice tiger sculpture, and architecturally precise jellies, and have sipped whisky to the background sounds emanating from their ‘flavour conductor‘ – an organ designed to highlight specific notes in whisky.

The duo’s avant garde style of entertaining is a multi-sensory experience. It’s colourful, it’s tactile, it’s noisy and tasty – and their 200-course menu promises to be no different. Think truffle bubbles, and blue lotus flowers and fermented garlic on exquisite and immaculate little plates. The menu will be colour coded, travelling from a yellow breakfast through to a white elevenses, a green lunch – and well into the night.

‘Black’ is the theme for the penultimate course, and will feature coffee, chocolate, black garlic, squid ink, soy sauce, and liquorice.

The good news is that tickets to this epic meal have gone on sale (until 31 August). Guests are invited for two-hour slots, which span ten courses, and are priced at £49 and £99. For those with big appetites and deep pockets, there’s the opportunity to take-on the whole 24 hours and 200 courses at the cost of £2,000 per couple. The Everest of dining challenges!

Suddenly my three-course dinner seems woefully unambitious…

To follow the 200 Club’s foodie adventure, use the hashtag  #bespoke200 on social media
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