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100% kudos to Ginger Elanor for making such enviable (and fun to browse) packed lunches. Truly inspirational There’s been some debate over which laptop lunchbox looks most appetizing…these two have got to rank pretty high up. Better than a tin of soup any day…

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It’s been a true British summer so far - the sun’s been teasing us by skulking behind clouds, re-emerging in its full glory just as we’re packing up to go home. But don’t let the weather dictate your picnic. The trick is the mindset: British stoicism and determination to have a damned good lunch, come [...]

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What better way to kick-start the blog than with a scotch egg? This intrinsically British dish contains three potentially unsavoury ingredients: Hard boiled egg (delicious when done right, but so much scope to create a hard, rubbery monstrosity) Sausage meat (intimidatingly pink and fleshy) Deep-fried breadcrumb outside (reminiscent of a night-out-in-Scotland-gone-wrong ending with battered food [...]

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